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09. Juli 2024

New certification programmes ZP 1100 for domestic cooking appliances and ZP 2100 for catering equipment against a hydrogen content of up to 20 % by volume are published

DVGW CERT GmbH publishes the certification programmes ZP 1100 " Supplementary tests for domestic cooking appliances for gaseous fuels for a hydrogen content of up to 20 % by volume" and ZP 2100 " Supplementary tests for catering equipment for gaseous fuels with a hydrogen content of up to 20 % by volume".

The certification programmes specify supplementary tests to qualify kitchen appliances for the addition of up to 20 % hydrogen by volume to natural gas. The subject of this certification programme are kitchen appliances that have already been certified according to DIN EN 30-1-1 (domestic kitchen appliances) or DIN EN 203-1 (catering equipment) in accordance with the Gas Appliances Regulation EU/2016/426.

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